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We are avid readers on a wide array of topics and have found that reading and traveling tie together in a way that enhances both. By reading in advance of traveling someplace, it can inform how we approach the trip’s itinerary as well as provide more meaning and information about the places we will visit. And in reverse, sometimes visiting a place exposes us to new or different ideas or history that make us want to read and learn more. And then there are the places that we haven’t visited but want to when they come alive to us through books.

In addition to travel guides we use from a practical standpoint, we read a variety of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. The non-fiction provides us with information on the history, culture, geology, or other topics, sometimes in the form of essays, memoirs, or biographies. The fiction and poetry can bring to life a culture, a historical time period, or a way of living in a locale.

Our reading lists only include books that one or both of us (okay, usually Lindsey) have actually read, the only exception is that we do include books that we are currently reading or have on our list for this year prior to specific trips. Those are indicated with an asterisk. These lists are (obviously) not a comprehensive or exhaustive list to cover these areas. That would take more than a lifetime! While this section includes only lists of the books, we often also write blogs discussing the books in more depth. You can find those under our regular, destination-based blogs. We are constantly reading and so check back often for new additions to the list!

When you check out the destinations below, you will find further break-down of locations (for example, specific states) with books categorized as indicated above. Included within are links to purchase the books should you be interested in adding these to your own reading list and, for purposes of disclosure, we may receive a cut of the sale from the seller. This does not add any additional cost to you, and we appreciate any purchases you do make through our links.

We love talking about books, so please share with us in our comments section or on our Facebook page what other books you have enjoyed that we should check out! Happy reading!

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