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Travel Tips

A series of solutions, tips, and lessons learned - sometimes easy, sometimes hard - over our 14+ years of traveling. We also have information on how to make the most out of your travels through our Reading List as well as information on Travel Photography.

Planning your trip 101

Planning your trip 101

The road is calling, you want to answer, but you’re not sure where to begin. Begin here. We’ll walk you through the initial questions to ask and answer to put you on the path toward planning your trip.

Planning your trip 201

planning your trip 201

Ready to book your trip? Check out our tips and recommendations for booking flights, determining the type of accommodation (hotel vs B&B, etc.), how to build in your activities, and more!

Preparing for your trip

Preparing for your trip

Love traveling but hate the headache of knocking out your to do list to get out the door? These tips break down your to dos into organized and manageable actions so that you can focus on the important stuff: traveling, exploring, and having fun!

Planning for pet care

planning for pet care

Want to travel but worried about your pet? Here are tips, lessons learned, and things to think about. Also, there are cute pet pictures.

Reading List

reading list

To get the most out of a location, we have found that reading about a location’s history, geology, and culture as well as exploring its fictional writing and poetry provides more depth to our travels. Check out books we would recommend by destination.

Travel Photography

travel photography

Curious about the photography equipment we use? Learn more about our equipment and our tips for travel photography.