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Hi everyone!  We are excited to have you following along with us on our travels. To let you know a bit more about us, here is our backstory.


We actually met as freshmen in high school... but we weren't high school sweethearts (we aren't quite that cliche!).  Lindsey was a close friend of Dustin’s sister, and he did sign her yearbook... upside down (he was odd like that).  It wasn't until 6 months after high school that we realized we had chemistry.  It all started on a fateful evening at Lindsey's house, watching a movie followed by an entire night talking (the sun was literally coming up before Dustin went home) when we finally began to realize that we just might be perfect for each other.

We dated long distance throughout college and managed to keep the flame alive with plenty of weekend trips, long phone conversations, and school breaks spent together.  While we had some minor traveling adventures as poor college students, our first major trip wasn't until after college when we went to Ireland.  That trip both broadened our horizons and made us realize just how much fun we had traveling together!

After many more adventures, we got married and set up home base in Roanoke, Virginia, where we live with four Labrador retrievers with their own unique personalities.  Over the years we have found that in addition to travel, we share a love of food, conversation, photography, learning, reading (check out travel destination inspired books here) and all of life's adventures, both planned and spontaneous. 

In addition to photographing our travels, we are professional wedding and event photographers. You can check us out at www.lindseymccartyphotography.com. We have loved meeting some amazing couples over the years!

Dustin owns Ridgeline Aquatics, a company dedicated to growing coral (as in coral reefs) in a 100% sustainable aquaculture facility. Coral is sold to fellow reef aquarium keepers in an effort to reduce the aquarium industry’s reliance on ocean-sourced coral. Taking pictures of coral allows Dustin to bring his love of photography down to the macro level. Even if you are not an aquarium enthusiast, be sure to check out the web page for some amazing coral pictures!

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